Healthy 1500 Calorie Kit

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    Internal Reference: KITHEAL1500

    Help your patients visualize the different food options they can have in a 1500 calorie diet made of 16 food models.
    You save 6% with this Healthy 1500 Calorie Kit
    Communicate with them the importance of healthy choices with these hand-made, beautiful and varied 3D models.
    Options for 3 main meals and 2 snacks are presented.
    • ENFMGRA8 (Toast, soft, brown, thin, 7.5cm, 15g) 
    • ENFMGRA25 (Toast, hard, brown, 7.5cm, 13g) 
    • ENFMMIL11 (Cheese, Akkawi, 1 slice, 30g)
    • ENFMMIL12 (Cheese, Halloum, 1 slice, 30g)
    • ENFMCOFFE2 (Tea, black, in mug, 180ml)
    • ENFMFAT5 (Olives, black, 9 medium (33g))
    • ENFMFRU26 (Nectarine, medium, 135g)
    • ENFMMEAL5 (Kabsa (makboos), meat, in melamine plate, 1 cup rice, 60g lamb, 12 almonds (22g), 25g carrots, spices)
    • ENFMFRU31 (Plums, raw, 3 small (135g))
    • ENFMMIL6 (Yogurt, plain, whole, in melamine bowl, 1 cup, 240ml)
    • ENFMVEG8 (Cucumber, 1 medium, 78g)
    • ENFMVEG10 (Garlic, 4 cloves (22g))
    • ENFMSEAFO2 (Fish, sea bream, grilled, 130g (87g edible part))
    • ENFMVEG30 (Lemon, slice, 8cm dia., 1)
    • ENFMFRU10 (Orange juice, fresh, 1/2 cup, 120ml)
    • ENFMGRA44 (Spaghetti, brown, 1/2 cup, 120ml)

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