Healthy 2000 Calorie Kit

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    Internal Reference: KITHEAL2000

    Preparing a diet has never been easier! Save 9% and turn the diet papers into live 3D food items and clearly explain about healthy portion options and sizes.
    Communicate to your patients the importance of healthy choices with these hand-made, beautiful and varied 3D models. Options for 3 main meals and 2 snacks that can make up a 2000 Calorie Diet are presented.
    A kit of 26 Food models.
    Buy it with the Unhealthy 2000 Calorie Kit and compare the quality of the food choices.
    • ENFMMIL2 (Milk, Whole, 1 cup, 240ml)
    • ENFMGRA36 (Bread, Lebanese, whole grain, small (21cm dia.), 1/2 loaf, 30g)
    • ENFMGRA22 (Sandwich, whole grain, 9cm, 30g)
    • ENFMVEG8 (Cucumber, 1 medium, 78g)
    • ENFMFAT4 (Olive oil, 1 Tbsp, 15ml)
    • ENFMMIL19 (Labneh, whole, in melamine bowl, 90g, 6 Tbsp)
    • ENFMFAT9 (Almonds, raw, 6 (11g))
    • ENFMNUT2 (Walnuts, raw, 3 halves, 7.5g, (2.5g each))
    • ENFMFRU43 (Raisins, 2 Tbsp, 20g)
    • ENFMMEA36 (Beef, lean, grilled, 5 medium pieces (60g))
    • ENFMMEA43 (Chicken, grilled (taouk), 5 pieces (90g))
    • ENFMGRA35 (Potato, baked, 1 medium, 160g)
    • ENFMCOM14 (Hummus, home-made, in bowl, 5 Tbsp, 75g + 2 tsp, 10g olive oil)
    • ENFMMIL21 (Cheese, Feta, 1 slice, 60g)
    • ENFMVEG17 (Lettuce, romaine, raw, medium leaf)
    • ENFMVEG20 (Onion, raw, 1 slice, 8cm dia.)
    • ENFMVEG13 (Broccoli, cooked, 1 cup, 240ml)
    • ENFMVEG14 (Tomato, raw, 1 slice, 25g, 7cm dia.)
    • ENFMVEG15 (Mushrooms, fresh, 2 pieces, 70 (35g each))
    • ENFMSAUCE1 (Lemon - mustard sauce, in melamine ramekin cup, 45ml)
    • ENFMFRU41 (Orange juice, fresh, 1 cup, 240ml)
    • ENFMCUGRA1 (Cereal bar, 1 bar, 8.7x3x1.5cm, 27g)
    • ENFMFRU29 (Apricots, raw, 2 (125g))
    • ENFMGRA18 (Rice, brown, 1/2 cup, 120ml)
    • ENFMMEA33 (Beans, red, cooked, 1/2 cup, 120ml)
    • ENFMVEG3 (Tomato, raw, medium, 7.5 cm dia., 150g)

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