Unhealthy 2000 Calorie Kit

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    Internal Reference: KITUNHE2000

    Avoid this and avoid that… Show your patients what foods to avoid with this kit of hand-made unhealthy food choice models. Options for 3 main meals and 2 snacks are presented.
    You save 6% with this kit of 13 Food models.
    Buy it with the Healthy 2000 Calorie Kit and compare the quality of the food choices.
    • ENFMCOM8 (Manoushe, 1 slice, dough (23cm dia. 1/4 (30g)) + thyme with olive oil (5g))
    • ENFMCOM12 (Lahm baajin, 1 slice, dough (23cm dia. 1/4 (30g)) + ground meat (15g))
    • ENFMDRI6 (Turkish coffee, in porcelain cup, 40ml)
    • ENFMSWE20 (Doughnut, chocolate glazed, 1 piece, 7.5cm dia.)
    • ENFMGRA5 (Hamburger bun, 2 halves, 9 cm dia., 60g)
    • ENFMMEA12 (Hamburger meat, grilled, 1, 9cm dia. - 90g)
    • ENFMGRA13 (French fries, home-made, 120ml, 40g)
    • ENFMSAUCE2 (Cocktail sauce, in melamine ramekin cup, 45ml)
    • ENFMDRI5 (Soft drink in polycarbonate tumbler, 330ml)
    • ENFMSWE6 (Halawi, 1 slice, 30g)
    • ENFMGRA46 (Bread, Lebanese, white, large (32cm dia.), 1/4 loaf, 30g)
    • ENFMSAND1 (Shawarma, meat, sandwich, 30g meat, 1 ½ Tbsp tarator and tomatoes in khamir bread)
    • ENFMNUT6 (Mixed nuts: 8 (7.5g) oil roasted peanuts, 6 (8.4g) dry roasted pistachios, 17 (13g) pumpkin seeds, 4 (8g) oil roasted cashews)

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