Carb Counting Kit

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    Internal Reference: ENFMCCKIT

    A kit comprising 28 food models where the designated portion of each food item contains around 15g of carbohydrates, making it a great tool for carb counting and diabetes education

    •ENFMFRU14- Apple, small, 120g
    •ENFMFRU5- Kiwi, large, 110g
    •ENFMFRU3- Banana, small, 60g
    •ENFMFRU30- Apricots, dried, 3 (26g)
    •ENFMFRU6- Pomegranate,1/3 cup
    •ENFMFRU43- Raisins, 2 Tbsp, 20g

    •ENFMGRA23- Bread, brown, 30g
    •ENFMGRA22- Sandwich, brown, 30g
    •ENFMGRA42- Corn flakes, 1/2 cup
    •ENFMBREA6- Bulgur, 1/2 cup
    •ENFMBREA7- Quinoa, 1/3 cup
    •ENFMGRA29- Corn, 1/2 cup
    •ENFMGRA44- Spaghetti, brown, 1/2 cup
    •ENFMGRA3- Rice, brown, 1/3 cup
    •ENFMGRA34- Potato, mashed, 90g

    •ENFMMIL2-  Milk, whole, 1 cup
    •ENFMMIL6-  Yogurt, whole, 1 cup

    •ENFMMEA11- Peas, cooked, 1/2 cup
    •ENFMMEA18- Beans, Fava, cooked, 1/2 cup

    •ENFMSUG2- Jam, apricot, 1 Tbsp, 15g
    •ENFMSWE4- Chocolate-coated marshmallow treat, 22g
    •ENFMSWE11- Biscuit with cream, 1 piece, 5cm dia.

    •ENFMVEG2*3- Carrot sticks, 6, 156g

    Combination Foods
    •ENFMCOM7- Falafel - 1 piece, 42g
    •ENFMCOM14- Hummus, home-made, 5 Tbsp, 75g + 2 tsp, 10g olive oil
    •ENFMCOM12- Lahm baajin, 1 slice, dough (23cm dia. 1/4 (30g)) + ground meat (15g)

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