How to buy?
You can send your order through our website, send us a mail to info@numed.mecall us or visit our showroom.
Payment Methods Accepted?
Payment methods accepted are checks, cash, bank wire transfers, money transfers (Western Union and others) and online credit card payments (the last 2 are advisable for international orders).
Payment Conditions
Payment should be done in full amount (T/T = total transfer) prior to any national or international delivery. In specific circumstances, NUMED could provide payment facilities or impose a prepayment for specific orders (such as for customized products).
Are Discounts Possible?
Outside special offers, NUMED listed prices are not subject to discounts. For many items we have many levels of discounts increasing with the number of items purchased. Special discounts are made for institutions of public and community value (hospitals, education institutions, etc.) Please call us or send us a mail to info@numed.me for more information about possible discounts for your order.
Are Prices VAT excluded?  
All listed online prices are VAT excluded, except for items considered as medical devices by local authorities.
  • All national orders (Lebanese) will be subject to an additional 11% VAT on listed prices for all items. Orders transported by the customer himself/herself to outside Lebanon will be subject to the additional VAT. We will need to have specific documentation to handle this type of VAT exclusion.
  • All shipped international orders follow the listed prices (VAT excluded). Please note that for an international order to be excluded from VAT, it should go through local customs paths.
How can I place an online order? 
The process is easy. For online national or international purchasing/selection of NUMED products, please follow the steps on our e-commerce platform.

How Quickly Can I receive my order?
For international orders, we will provide an expected date for you to receive your shipment (this will depend on the weight, volume, destination and availability of the items of your order). On average, unless an item is out of stock, national orders need 1-2 working days and international orders need 7-14 working days to reach your destination from the time your order is shipped.
Can I return/exchange a product?
Products cannot be returned or exchanged once you have received them and signed for receiving them in good condition. Nevertheless, in case of shipping errors and/or damaged or defective merchandise, you should notify us within 7 days. Please call us or send a mail to customerservice@numed.me stating the invoice details (name, price, quantity, etc. of the product). The NUMED customer service department will follow up with you. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged items once your order is delivered to the carrier by us. Read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.
What to do if I receive defective items?
Every product must meet our highest quality standards. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please call our Customer Service Department or send us a mail to customerservice@numed.me. Damaged items due to manufacturing defects will be replaced by NUMED at its own discretion. Defects due to other factors (transportation, mishandling, etc.) are not subject to replacement. Read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.
Can I borrow products from NUMED?
Borrowing from NUMED is restricted to cases where a proven publicity value (as evaluated by the NUMED marketing department) is consequent to the event where NUMED products are used. A 50% deposit of the items’ value is required. It will be returned to the borrower once the borrower returns the items with no damage to NUMED premises. In case of damage, the borrower will have to pay any extra cost if the amount is not covered by the previously deposited amount. Picking-up and returning of the items is the responsibility of the borrower. In order to have a reply for any borrowing request, it is mandatory to fill the downloadable form “ ADM002-Event Project Fill Form ” and send it to the fax number or e-mail marked inside. This form should be sent at least 2 weeks prior to the first event day.
Care instructions for ReplicAlive items
Please download our  ReplicAlive Care Instructions  manual (TEC0013) to check how best you can take care of your ReplicAlive and ReplicAlive Molds Care Instructions manual (TEC0012) to check how you can take care of your silicone molds.
Does NUMED sponsor or participate in events?
One of NUMED targets is to participate in community and social and marketing events. Nevertheless, prior to any acceptance of participation you are kindly asked to fill the downloadable form ADM002-Event Project Fill Form and send it to the fax number or mail indicated inside. This form should be sent at least 2 weeks prior to the event first day.