Coin Operated Health Station

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    Internal Reference: ABB009

    • Coin-Operated multifunction station providing an extended personalized health report
    • CE certified machine
    • Very useful in multiple settings such as clinics, gyms, health and fitness centers, hospitals, pharmacies, malls, public places, etc.
    • Self and easily operated by any user. By inserting the designated coin in the device all the below information can be provided.
    • Measurement and information provided
        • Body Composition: Mono-frequency with 4 tactile electrodes (hands): Fat Rate and Mass (% and Kg) with ranking, Visceral Fat Index (%) with ranking, Skeletal Muscle (%) with ranking, Water content (%) and ranking, Extracellular Fluid (Liters), Bone Mineral Content (kg) with ranking. Ideal Weight (kg), Standard Weight (Kg), Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Mass Index (with adjustable range), Body Age and overall Health Rating.
        • Weight range 8-200kg, 0.1kg graduation
        • Height range 80-200cm (ultrasonic technic), 0.5cm graduation
        • Body temperature measurement (at the forehead)
        • Blood pressure (0-299.2 mmHg) and rate (40-180 beats/minute) using a high end Omron monitor
        • Date and time  
    • Features
        • The device to be connected through RS232 or Bluetooth to a computer
        • Printed Report: Has an incorporated heavy duty thermal printer to provide a full report containing the above parameters. Reports can be in multiple languages including English and Arabic
        • Voice Broadcast for guidance with the test steps with multiple languages
        • Large full touch led screen displaying all the measured parameters and settings
        • Records the number of tests performed up to 9999 before resetting to zero allowing to monitor the number of coins inserted
        • Working voltage: AC110-240V 50/60Hz
        • Power: 60W
        • Dimensions: 55cm*38cm*235cm (Length*Width*Height)
        • Net weight: 45kg
        • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects of materials or workmanship
    • Check Manual for instruction and use

    12 Months

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