i30 Body Composition Analyzer

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    Internal Reference: ABB005

    • Professional foldable body composition analyzer that provides an accurate segmental analysis of body composition through multi-frequency measurement
    • High correlation with Gold Standard Technique - DEXA 
    • Multi-frequency analysis (3 frequencies)
    • Tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrode method
    • High-quality, easy-to-use, user-friendly design with on-screen scale imaging system
    • Ergonomically designed, rotating hand electrodes that allow the user to take the test with ease 
    • Focuses on personalized user management based on diverse input interface and database management
    • Activates "Blind Mode" to hide weight and fat result on screen for the privacy of individual users. Also operates in "Expert Test Mode", "Self-Test Mode", and "Classmate Mode"
    • Measures weight and allows manual weight input
    • Weight of clothes can be removed (1 to 5kg) for more accuracy
    • Number of records saved on device (users and history data): 100000
    • Foldable design for improved mobility
    • Age of use: 3-99 years old
    • Age-specific analysis: analysis result sheet for both children and adult-use
    • Screen: 7 inch (600x1024), color touch LCD, GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    • Systematic body composition analysis: i30 has many expert uses, such as medical research, compositional change analysis and sports medicine, etc.
    • A variety of systematic analysis will be made: body fat change prediction, children's growth curve monitoring system, and a broad range of well-referenced clinical database
    • Data Management: Data Searching, Data Backup/Recovery/Merge, Data Exporting (in Excel Format)
    • Calibration is not needed. Device allows auto-maintenance and calibration for: sound, brightness, LCD, frequencies, touch features, etc.
    • Free English and Arabic software (with online and cloud options) and free app
    • Report can be customized with healthcare professional's logo and personal information
    • Adult report and Children report (from the i30 to the external printer) and more than 10 reports from the PC software

    • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty against defects of materials or workmanship on device
    • ▲Warranty is only valid if an electrical adapted stabilizer is used
    • Certifications: CE & FDA
    • Communication: RS-232, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN
    • Measurement Current: 200uArms
    • Measurement Frequency: 5, 50,100kHz
    • Measurement Range: 10 ~1000Ω
    • Power Source: DC adaptor (input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.5A/ Output: 12V. 5.0A)
    • External Interface: RS-232C (9pin serial)1ea, USB host (type A) 2ea, Mini-USB B(type B)
    • 1ea, Bluetooth (optional), Wi-Fi (optional)
    • Input interface: Keypad, Touchscreen, Barcode reader
    • Compatible Printers: Samsung SL-M2027W and SL-M2029W Laser Printers
    • Additional Function: Data backup and restore to USB, DB export to CSV file
    • Measured Weight: 2 ~ 250kg (Resolution: 50g)
    • Weight: 17.5kg
    • Range of Height: 60.0 ~ 220.0cm
    • Dimensions: 360 x 559 x 1077 [WxLxH] mm
    • Measurement Duration: about 30 seconds
    • Operating Conditions: Humidity: 30% ~ 75% -
      Temperature: +10ºC ~ +40ºC - Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 101.3kPa
    • Storage Conditions: Humidity: 10% ~ 80% -
      Temperature: +10ºC ~ +60ºC - Atmospheric pressure: 50 ~ 101.3kPa
    Measurement and Analysis Parameters
    • Body Composition Analysis: Total Body Water (L and %), Fat Mass (kg and %), Fat-Free Mass (kg), Protein (kg), Mineral (kg), Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg), Lean Body Mass (kg)
    • Muscle & Fat Analysis and History: Weight Analysis, Muscle Analysis, Body Fat Analysis, Weight History, Muscle History, Body Fat % History 
    • Segmental Analysis: Segmental Muscle, Fat, and Body Balance Assessment
    • Body Type Analysis: Body Type Table, Body Type Graph Assessment with previous result
    • Weight Control: BMI (Body Mass Index), Obesity Degree (%), Desirable Weight (kg), Weight/Fat/Muscle Control (kg)
    • Visceral Fat & Abdominal Fat Ratio Assessment
    • Intake & Consumed Calories: BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), TEE (Total Energy Expenditure), Calorie Consumption and Expected Fat Burning
    • Health Score, Segmental Weight and Impedance, Calorie Consumption Table per Exercise
      Measurement and Analysis Items [Children Result]
      • Body Composition Analysis: Total Body Water (L), Fat Mass (kg and %), Fat-Free Mass (kg), Lean Body Mass (kg), Protein (kg), Mineral (kg), Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg)
      • Muscle & Fat Analysis: Weight, Muscle, Body Fat Assessment with previous result
      • Growth Chart: Height and Weight with 18 years old Predicted Value
      • Body Composition History: History Graph for Weight, Muscle, Body Fat, Height, and mineral
      • Weight Control: BMI (Body Mass Index), Obesity Degree (%), Desirable Weight (kg), Weight/Fat/Muscle Control (kg)
      • Growth Evaluation: Muscle, Skeletal, Obesity Evaluation
      • Body Balance: Upper and Lower Body Balance Analysis
      • Health Score, Segmental Muscle and Impedance

      View a sample General Report in English and Arabic and the Children Sheet in English and in Arabic
      Download the Result Interpretation Booklet 
      Watch an introductory video about the iSeries devices
      Click here to check the validation studies and multiple clinical cases for the i-Series devices, the FDA listing and Certification, the CE and ISO certificates.

      South Korea
      24 Months

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