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    Internal Reference: GSNWN1

    • Full DNA test analysis for your genetic components related to weight, micro and macronutrients, sport ability and fitness as well as caffeine and lactose
    • Understand how your genes variations affect your Weight, Sport performance and Nutrition status. Parameters analyzed help understand the relation between the different macronutrients in your diet and other genetic components related to weight loss/regain and their relation to your weight and the micronutrients in your diet and other genetic components related to sport performance, endurance and strength
    • State-of-the-art DNA testing (using genotyping with Sequenom’s MassArray method) and interpretation with the highest results credibility through the combined work of the European company (MyInnergo: UK and Estonia) and 2 labs: the first is the Eurofins European Lab in Denmark, providing worldwide laboratory testing services and accredited according to the ISO 1702 standard, and the second is an accredited European medical lab (IB Genetics - Estonia)
    • Gene testing, analysis and interpretations are performed by a professional board of advisors and scientists in the Genetic, Nutrition and Health fields
    • Genes mutation tested are highly related to the components analyzed in Gulf and Middle East populations
    • Fast and easy to perform by collecting mucosa cells through saliva swabbing
    • Only 3 to 5 weeks for you to receive the results at your door and to your personal e-mail
    • Results include:
    1. Full DNA Analysis for the different components found below
    2. Personalized Recommendations that will provide you with the following information:
      -How are Your Current Body Measurements in Relation to Your Genetic Risks?  
      -How Much Exercise Should You Be Doing?  
      -How Much Should You Eat?  
      -What is More Important for You - to Eat Less or Move More?  
      -What Kind of Diet Fits You Most?  
      -What Should You Know about Weight Regain?  
      -Sample menu for 3 days  
      -How Can You Avoid Injury?
      -How Can You Improve Your Training Intensity?
      -How Can You Use the Warrior or Worrier in You?
      -How Hard Should You Train and for How Long?
      -Is There an Elite Athlete in You?
      -How Can You Change Your Body?
      -What Sport Fits Your Genes?
    • Can only be sold to healthcare professionals
    • Also available in pack of 4 - GSNWN1P4 and 20 - GSNWN1P20 and 50 - GSNWN1P50
    • 105 genes for the following 35 genotype components are tested and analyzed:
    1-Obesity Risk (5 genes)
    2-Weight Regain (3 genes) 
    3-Waist Circumference (3 genes)
    4-Response to Calorie Restriction (3 genes)
    5-Exercises Effect on Weight (4 genes)

    1-Response to Carbohydrates (3 genes)
    2-Response to Total Fats (5 genes)
    3-Response to Unsaturated Fats (4 genes)
    4-Response to Proteins (3 genes)
    5- Basal Energy Expenditure (2 genes)

    1-Caffeine consumption (5 genes)
    2-Effect on sleep (1 gene)
    3-Coffee taste (3 genes)
    4-Metabolism of caffeine (1 gene)
    5-Sensitivity to caffeine (1 gene)

     (1  gene)

    1- Endurance (8 genes)
    2- VO2 max (5 genes)
    3- Anaerobic Threshold (3 genes)
    4- Power (7 genes)
    5- Lean Body Mass (1 gene)
    6- Hypertrophy Response (1 gene)
    7- Injury Risk (3 genes)
    8- Recovery (3 genes)
    9- Warrior vs Worrier (1 gene)

    1- Vitamin A (2 genes)
    2- Vitamin D (3 genes)
    3- Vitamin B6 (1 gene)
    4- Vitamin B9 - Folate (4 genes)
    5- Vitamin B12 (2 genes)
    6- Bone Mineral Density and Ca Intake (3 genes)
    7- Selenium (2 genes)
    8- Magnesium (2 genes)
    9- Iron (4 genes)
    10- Omega-3 (3 genes)
    Important files to download:
    6- To learn about the science behind the NUGENE tests, click here

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    Download a summary of the food items in our Food Intolerance and DNA tests.

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