10-P URINE ANALYSIS (5 tests/pack), Pack of 4

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    Internal Reference: DENS10PP4

    • Test to check for 10 parameters in urine
    • These parameters are: bilirubin, blood, glucose, ketone (acetoacetic acid), leukocyte, nitrite, pH, protein, specific gravity and urobilinogen
    • Follow your patient's weight loss status by measuring the ketones in his urine; ketones are derivatives of the fat lost in the adipose tissue and can also be an indicator of some medical ailments such as uncontrolled diabetes, etc.
    • pH will help determine the acidity of the body fluid and take dietary measures, among others, to correct
    • It is a very useful test for the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, etc.
    • It is also a very good early warning sign for detecting health issues such as diabetes mellitus or type-2 diabetes from the presence of glucose in urine
    • This test may detect “silent inflammation” which can take place because there are no warnings or indications of a health problem. For example, cancer can take up to 7 years to grow before pain is felt. Likewise adult diabetes, kidney or liver failure, bladder infection can take years before they are detected
    • Canadian product
    • Pack of 4
    • Download and print this poster to let your patients know about the test availability in your clinic

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