Bodecoder Body Composition Analyzer

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    Internal Reference: ABB013

    • A unique mono-frequency BIA body composition scale providing general segmental assessment with good results accuracy.
    • The most cost/effective device in its range found on the market

    Features and Display:

    • Mono-frequency analysis (50 kHz)
    • Tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrode method
    • Measured weight is between 0.3 and 150 kgs, resolution 100 g
    • Range of Height: 60-220 cm
    • Age of use: 10-99 years
    • Wireless data transmission by Bluetooth
    • 8 users can be registered on device with 180 body composition history records for each
    • 999 users can be inserted to the software on PC
    • Limitless visitor storage data
    • Available cellphone/tablet APP, compatible with Android and iOS, and computer software for windows
    • Measuring time: <10s
    • Wide Display Screen (View Screen display) for excellent readability: 51×51mm LCD
    • Data transmission: Bluetooth version: BT4.0 BLE
    • Battery: embedded single 3.7V/800mAH chargeable lithium battery
    • Power supply: Machine should be charged through a 5v2a adaptor 
    • Operating environment: avoid extreme humidity/radiation and serious magnetic interference
    • Low voltage and over weighting warning
    • Dimensions: 340x370x40 mm (W*L*H) 
    • Net weight: 3.1kg
    • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects of materials or workmanship
    • ▲Warning: Only connect the Bodecoder to PC/Laptop if PC/Laptop is unplugged or if PC/Laptop is connected to an electrical adapted stabilizer

      Measurement and Analysis Parameters
    • Body Composition Data: Weight (Kg), Body Mass Index, Total Body Fat (%), Fat Mass (Kg), Fat Mass Index, Fat Free Mass (Kg), Fat Free Mass Index, Ratio of Fat and SM, Visceral Fat Index, Total Body Water (%), Skeletal Muscle Mass (%), Bone Mineral Content (Kg), Basal Metabolic Rate, overall score, body bio-age and body balance analysis

    • Comparison of results: results are compared to normal ranges (lower, lor, normal, high and higher)
    • Segmental analysis: Upper and lower limb balance and left and right body balance
    • Data history diagram and chart for the last 6 tests
    • Automatically calculates the difference value between present and previous result
    • Advice  to decrease, maintain or increase Fat and Muscle in Kg
    • Biological age: based on body composition data
    For Download:
    Buy it with its Bag, its distinctive transparent Plexiglas stand or Black stand for appealing clinic’s display and ease of use.
    Watch the introductory video about the Bodecoder


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