i35 Body Composition Analyzer

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    Internal Reference: ABB006

    Professional Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology system using multi-frequency measurement method providing precise yet meticulous Body Water and segmental Body Composition Analysis.


    • High correlation with Gold Standard Technique - DEXA

    • Optimization algorithm technology utilized to increase the precision of Body Composition Analysis and its reliability verified through clinical trials

    • Multi-frequency analysis (4 frequencies)

    • Tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrode method

    • High-quality, easy-to-use, user-friendly design with on-screen scale imaging system

    • Ergonomically designed, rotating hand electrodes that allow the user to take the test with ease

    • Focuses on personalized user management based on diverse input interface and database management

    • Activates "Blind Mode" to hide weight and fat result on screen for the privacy of individual users. Also operates in "Expert Test Mode", "Self-Test Mode", and "Classmate Mode"

    • Measures weight and allows manual weight input

    • Number of records saved on device (users and history data): 100000

    • Foldable design for improved mobility

    • Age of use: 3-99 years old

    • Age-specific analysis: analysis result sheet for both children and adult-use

    • Screen: 7.3 inch (600x1024), color touch LCD, GUI (Graphical User Interface)

    • Systematic body composition analysis: i35 has many expert uses such as medical research, compositional change analysis and sports medicine, etc.

    • A variety of systematic analysis will be made: body fat change prediction, children's growth curve monitoring system, and a broad range of well-referenced clinical database

    • Data Management: Data Searching, Data Backup/Recovery/Merge, Data Exporting (in Excel Format)

    • Calibration is not needed. Device allows auto-maintenance and calibration for: sound, brightness, LCD, frequencies, touch features, etc.

    • Free English software (with online and cloud options) and free app

    • Report can be customized with healthcare professional's logo and personal information

    • Adult report and Children report (from the i35 to the external printer) and more than 10 reports from the PC software

    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty against defects of materials or workmanship on device

    • Warranty is only valid if an electrical adapted stabilizer is used

    • Certifications: CE & FDA

    • Communication: RS-232, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN

    • Measurement Current: 200uArms

    • Measurement Frequency: 5, 50, 100, 250kHz

    • Measurement Range: 10 ~1000Ω

    • Power Source: DC adaptor (input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.5A/ Output: 12V, 5.0A)

    • External Interface: RS-232C (9pin serial)1ea, USB host (type A) 2ea, Mini-USB B(type B)

    • 1ea, Bluetooth (optional), Wi-Fi (optional)

    • Input interface: Keypad, Touchscreen, Barcode reader

    • Additional Function: Data backup and restore to USB, DB export to CSV file

    • Measured Weight: 2 ~ 250kg (Resolution: 50g)

    • Weight: 17.5kg

    • Range of Height: 60.0 ~ 220.0cm

    • Dimensions: 360 x 559 x 1077 [WxLxH] mm

    • Measurement Duration: about 35 seconds

    • Operating Conditions: Humidity: 30% ~ 75% -

    • Temperature: +10ºC ~ +40ºC - Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 101.3kPa

    • Storage Conditions: Humidity: 10% ~ 80% -

    • Temperature: +10ºC ~ +60ºC - Atmospheric pressure: 50 ~ 101.3kPa

    Measurement and Analysis Parameters

    • Body Composition Analysis: Total Body Water (L and %), Fat Mass (kg and %), Muscle Mass (kg), Fat-Free Mass (kg), Protein (kg),Mineral (kg), Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg), Intracellular Fluid (kg and %), Extracellular Fluid (kg and %)

    • Muscle & Fat Analysis and History: Weight Analysis, Muscle Analysis, Body Fat Analysis, Weight History, Muscle History, Body Fat % History

    • Segmental Analysis: Segmental Muscle, Fat, and Body Balance Assessment

    • Body Type Analysis: Body Type Table, Body Type Graph Assessment with previous result

    • Weight Control: BMI (Body Mass Index), Obesity Degree (%), Desirable Weight (kg), Weight/Fat/Muscle Control (kg), FMI (Fat Mass Index), FFMI (Fat-Free Mass Index)

    • Extracellular Water Ratio

    • Abdominal Obesity Analysis: Waist Circumference, Abdominal Fat Ratio, Visceral Fat Area, Subcutaneous Fat Area, VSR (Visceral to Subcutaneous Fat Ratio)

    • Intake & Consumed Calories: BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), TEE (Total Energy Expenditure), Calorie Consumption and Expected Fat Burning, Target Body Fat Percentage, Exercise Intensity, Expected Fat Burning

    • Health Score, Segmental Weight and Impedance

    • Nutrition and Exercise Recommendation, Diet Plan based on Calories and % of macronutrients, Physical Activity Frequency and Calories, Food Lists

    Measurement and Analysis Items [Children Result]

    • Body Composition Analysis: Total Body Water (L), Fat Mass (kg and %), Muscle Mass (kg),Fat-Free Mass (kg), Muscle Mass (kg), Protein (kg), Mineral (kg), Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg), Intracellular Fluid (kg and %), Extracellular Fluid (kg and %)

    • Muscle & Fat Analysis: Weight, Muscle, Body Fat Assessment with previous result

    • Growth Chart: Height and Weight with 18 years old Predicted Value

    • Body Composition History: History Graph for Weight, Muscle, Body Fat, Height, and mineral

    • Weight Control: BMI (Body Mass Index), Obesity Degree (%), Desirable Weight (kg), Weight/Fat/Muscle Control (kg), ), FMI (Fat Mass Index), FFMI (Fat-Free Mass Index)

    • Growth Evaluation: Muscle, Skeletal, Obesity Evaluation

    • Body Balance: Upper and Lower Body Balance Analysis

    • Health Score, Segmental Muscle and Impedance

    • Nutrition and Exercise Recommendation

    View a sample General Report and Children Report
    Download the Result Interpretation Booklet 
    Watch an introductory video about the iSeries devices
    Click here to check the validation studies for the i-Series devices, the FDA listing and Certification, the CE and ISO certificates.

    South Korea
    24 Months

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