3D Cedar Dietary Guidelines - English

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    Internal Reference: END012E

    • A one-of-a-kind, handcrafted 3D Cedar Dietary Guidelines display that visually represents the nutrition guidelines adapted to the Lebanese population making it a unique and authentic representation of the culture.
    • This dynamic, multi-layered design showcases the cedar tree as a guide for a healthy diet. Each branch/level of the tree represents a food group, with the base displaying physical activity recommendations, and the trunk emphasizing the importance of water intake.
    • The lower branch represents the cereals and starchy vegetables daily intake recommendations, while the second branch features key guidelines for fruits, vegetables, and legumes. The third branch outlines the guidelines for lean meats and dairy, and the highest branch depicts the guidelines for sugars, fats, and oils.
    • Made of sturdy and transparent Plexiglas, this display is perfect for showcasing NUMED food models on each branch for an educational and elegant design.
    •  It's suitable for use in various settings, including clinical, educational, health, and others.
    • Dimensions: 46*39*52 cm (L*W*H)
    • Language: English 
    • Also available in: Arabic 

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