Milk alternatives, 3D display, English

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    Internal Reference: END011E

    • An appealing set of 4 tumblers that visualizes the macronutrient proportion and caloric content found in different types of milk substitutes derived from plant sources.
    • A unique artistic hand-made 3-D display from NUMED with excellent quality and finishing.
    • This Product contains 1 Plexiglas piece with an educational poster displaying and describing respectively: soy, almond, rice, and coconut milks
    • Each tumbler reflects the fat, carbohydrates, protein, and water content in one cup of the designated milk type
    • It is an educational tool that helps patients in clinical, educational, or health settings to make the right choices based on their daily macronutrients and caloric needs
    • Language: English
    • Also available in Arabic END011A

      Note: the content has been magnified by 1.5 for each macronutrient to clearly distinguish their proportions. 


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