Health Risks of Obesity 3D-display (English)

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    Internal Reference: EOD002E

    • A NUMED hand-made 3-D display showing the consequences of obesity on different organs and systems in the body
    • Each organ affected by obesity is shown in 3-Dimensions and colored with emphasis on the corresponding diseases
    • Suitable for any medical (hospitals, etc.), clinical (medical and nutrition clinics, etc.), and educational (schools, universities, etc.) setting
    • Made of high-quality material: printed posters, 3-D handcrafted resin ReplicAlive models, and transparent Plexiglas
    • Dimensions of each one of the 2 parts (separate): Height (55cm) x Length (40cm)
    • Dimensions of the 2 parts joined (Wall-mounted or joined to make a folding): Height (55cm) x Length (80cm)
    • Versatility and elegance of display: 1) Wall-mount: the 2 parts can be separate or adjacent, 2) Folded: the parts are screwed with a third acrylic part (provided) to become foldable and be displayed on any horizontal support
    • Dimensions: 87cm x 58cm
    • Language: English    
    • Dimensions: 87cmx58cm
    • Also available in Arabic EOD002A




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