Middle East Visual Food Guide (English)

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    Internal Reference: ENP4EXSP

    • An exclusive and unique scientific poster developed by Numed. This poster shows more than 333 food items consumed in the Middle East area. These foods are grouped into 10 major categories: Cereals, Legumes, Fruits, Fats (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated), Milk (low, medium, and high fat), Meats (very lean, lean, medium, high, and very high fat), Main Mediterranean dishes, Sweets, Alcohol and Sugars
    • This poster provides an excellent guide for portions of each food and category: each food is weighed, photographed, and shown with its correspondent portion size and calorie content. All data are based on scientific books and articles
    • It is the ultimate mixture of Nutrition science, graphic design, and photography
    • Targeted population: adults, adolescents, and children
    • High-Quality Print - Laminated
    • PS: This item is provided with double adhesive tape and foam board allowing for hanging on any surface: an extremely valuable item to have to best evaluate portion sizes and follow prescribed diets
    • Language: English
    • Dimensions: 34x45cm(XS)
    • Special discounts are made for packs of 20 (ENP4EXSP20), 40 (ENP4EXSP40), and 80 (ENP4EXSP80)



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