Food Models Cards - Pack 2 - Arabic

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    Internal Reference: ENFMCARPA2A

    • Nutrition data is now a card away! These food model cards can make your career and life easier and your diet prescription clearer
    • Very informative educational tools that provide key nutritional information for each of our food models regarding food sizes, proper menu planning, food label and exchanges
    • For each food item are displayed: its picture, its nutrition facts, its number of exchanges and if it’s a good source/rich in or high in the most common nutrients
    • Years of scientific, reliable research have led to the development of a unique and exclusive database for these NUMED cards
    • Color-coded for each food group
    • Targeted population: adults and adolescents
    • Can be used in any nutrition and health education settings (clinics, universities, hospitals, etc.)
    • Can be used in community education and dietary assessment campaigns
    • Cards: high quality 2-sided printing - Laminated
    • These cards come in a transparent handmade Plexiglas box making it an appealing and elegant decorative display for your desk
    • Cards dimensions: 15x10cm
    • This pack contains around 135 cards  (View List) for the following food model groups: Grains, Fruits, Fats, Oils and Condiments, and Desserts
    • Language: Arabic

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