3-D Pearl Dietary Guidelines Plate (English)

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    Internal Reference: END007E

    • A unique artistic hand-made full pearl display from NUMED with excellent finishing and quality
    • The pearl design is dynamic and can be opened through an axis (at different angles) into a lower and upper shell:
      • The lower shell gives the scientific representation of the different food groups proportion in a healthy diet
      • The upper shell provides the key guidelines for 9 important recommendations (for each of the 6 food groups, water, physical activity, and healthy weight) 
      • 3D water drop representation emphasizing the importance of water intake
    • It is a sturdy product made of transparent Plexiglas for the pearls’ shells and high-quality printing on the Plexiglas
    • NUMED food models can be displayed on the lower shell in each of the 6 food groups areas for an appealing and elegant educational design
    • Can be used in any clinical, educational, health, and other settings
    • No mounting required
    • Dimensions: 1) Folded: 52*49*2cm (L*W*H) 2) Unfolded, at 90-degree angle: 52*49*49cm (L*W*H)
    • Language: English
    • Also available in Arabic: END007A


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