Body Composition Display (Arabic)

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    Internal Reference: EBCD001A

    • It is an artistic hand-made display from NUMED with an exceptional combination of multiple infographic material
    • This display is a valuable and unique educational tool providing a 3D descriptive visualization of the human body composition.
      • It represents the 5 levels of body composition: Level I: Atomic, Level II: Molecular, Level III: Cellular, Level IV: Tissue,  Level V: Whole body or functional.
      • It also shows the representation of the body composition as a 4 compartments system (Fat Mass, Water, etc.)
      • Many other body composition parameters are also shown in 3D objects with a visually clear useful combination of these compartments (Lean Body mass, Fat Free Mass, etc.)
    • It shows the most important compartments provided by body composition devices using the different available technics (DEXA, underwater weighing, isotopic dilution, Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA), Ultrasound, Skin fold calipers and many others)
    • It is very valuable in many settings where body composition is measured, explained or taught: Nutrition and medical clinics, educational and health institutions, and other settings
    • Easily mounted on any wall
    • Dimensions: 77*53cm (L*W)
    • Language: Arabic
    • Also available in English: EBCD001E
    • Available as a poster: EBCP001EM (BODY COMPOSITION DISPLAY: English) and EBCP001AM (BODY COMPOSITION DISPLAY: Arabic)

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