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    Internal Reference: ACCGTSS1

    I- Isohelix Buccal swab (1 unit)
    -Designed to give increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA
    -Unique swab matrix, which combined with a quick release surface, maximizesyields of DNA
    -Swab batches are ethylene oxide treated and routinely tested for human DNAcontamination
    II- Isohelix Dri-Capsule (1 unit)
    -Specifically developed at Isohelix to quickly and efficiently dry the Isohelix Buccal swabs without DNA cross contamination risks, yet maintaining complete molecular biology integrity
    -Highly efficient with a non-toxic coating containing a high grade silica gel with a color indicator to display continued active stabilization
    -All components are rigorously batch and DNA tested to defined and stringent quality standards prior to assembly within the highest specification multi-laminate moisture barrier foil, which maintains and guarantees the Dri-Capsules performance over the long term and in varying temperatures and humidity
          III- Material and documentations to do the test with the patient questionnaire 
    IV- An individual test label

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