Styku Infrared 3D Body Scanner: Fitness

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    Internal Reference: ABSC001

    • A pioneering and revolutionary solution for full body scanning and composition and nutritional and medical assessment
    • The only technique available worldwide for showing the body in real 2 and 3 dimensions
    • 3D body scanning has the same precision of the DEXA leaving out human measuring errors and takes only 35 seconds
    • Uses harmless infrared light meeting all international safety regulations and can be used on pregnant women, patients with implanted medical devices, and children of any age
    • Portable and lightweight: easy to move and reposition in multiple locations (5-minute setup)
    • Made of 3 hardware pieces (check more for the technical specs in Accessories):
      • 1- Turntable: Automatically rotating platform
      • 2- Tower: with the Microsoft Kinect V2, the world’s most powerful 3D camera
      • 3- Dedicated notebook laptop: includes a powerful Intel processor and a gaming quality graphics card capable of processing the captured body data to create 3D body scans
    • Comes in 2 options/solutions for the software (both have the same 3 hardware pieces):
      • 1- Wellness (Fitness)
      • 2- Aesthetic (Health)
    • Used in diet, nutrition and weight loss clinics, fitness centers and gyms, health and medical fields (plastic and bariatric surgery, dermatology, etc.) and many others
    • Warranty: 2 year Limited Warranty against defects of materials or workmanship on turntable and tower and 1 year on laptop
      ▲Warranty is only valid if a UPS & an electrical adapted stabilizer are used
    Conditions for the test:

    • The test needs a WIFI connection during the scanning in order to be performed correctly and data transferred to the USA cloud server for analyzing
    • Patient height should be above 145cm
    • For children under 16, the 2D and 3D images, the volumes and circumferences are precise. Nevertheless, the algorithms to provide body composition and health recommendations are not adapted to this population
    • Patient should be wearing body shaping clothing for accurate results (legging, sports bra, contouring shorts and shirts, boxers, etc.). Fabric should be non-shining and non-reflective
    • There are no specific patient conditions for the test: unrelated to physical activity, diet, hydration level, etc. before the test is made. Nevertheless, it is advisable to perform the tests in similar feeding conditions
    How the test is made:
    • Simply let your patient stand on the turntable and hold still for 35 seconds, while the platform rotates 360 degrees to capture full body
    • With its razor sharp high resolution infrared images the Kinect V2 scanner (mounted in the tower), captures millions of data points in a fast and non-invasive and harmless process
    • After the scanning is finished, the data are analyzed in 5 seconds by unique feature recognition algorithms that recognize key landmarks on a person body and use them to extract highly precise anthropometric measurements (Fitness or Aesthetic software) through cloud connection with the USA server
    Space requirements to set up the device pieces:

    • Minimum required area: 260 cm x 172 cm
    • Distance of sensor from turntable: 117 cm
    • Clearance around turntable: 53 cm on all sides
    • Ensure there is a flat, solid wall behind the rotating platform
    • Avoid reflective surfaces (mirrors, shining walls, etc.), natural light and indoor lighting that emits infrared light
    • Do not place the rotating platform in a corner of a room
    • Keep the area around the rotating platform clear of objects
    Check out a detailed specs comparison between Styku Fitness and Styku Aesthetics 
    View a sample of the scan report and the progress report
    Check this video about Styku and this one for test guidelines
    Download the Styku brochure
    Download and print this A3 poster or this A5 flyer to let your patients know about the test availability in your clinic 

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