BOCA X1 Body Composition Analyzer

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    Internal Reference: ABB003

    • BoCA X1 is the state-of-art, ultra-precise body composition analyzer with the most diverse body composition assessment parameters gathered in one device such as segmental body fat, body water and muscle mass, using 8-point contact electrodes. For that to be achieved, Medigate, a company devoted to developing medical devices (ECG, etc.), has pushed the research limits to the extreme.
    • BOCA X1 has acquired many certifications, of which: ISO CertificateFree Sales Certificate and Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate


    • Multi-frequency analysis (2 ~ 1.000 kHz) 
    • Tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrode method
    • Segmental body composition & abdominal fat analysis
    • High quality, easy-to-use, user-friendly design & compact size
    • Convenience of maintenance & installation
    • BoCA data management system (Bocalyzer)
    • Very high accuracy compared to DEXA and CT-scan
    • Most versatile and easily portable device
    • More than 15 patient reports on any printer (no custom paper)
    • No empirical estimations for body composition
    • Age range covering children, adults, and elderly
    • Warranty: 2 year Limited Warranty against defects of materials or workmanship on device
    • ▲Warranty is only valid if an electrical adapted stabilizer is used

    Areas of application

    • Obesity, nutrition and dietetic clinics and centers
    • Research centers and labs and education institutions
    • Sports, physical therapy and fitness clubs and centers
    • Hospitals and specialized medical clinics (pediatric, geriatric, diabetes, nephrology, cardiology, rehabilitation, orthopedic, plastic surgery, etc.)

    Body composition Outputs for Children, Adults and Elderly

    • Segmental measurements (Left and right arms and legs and trunk) of body fat, Skeletal muscle, Body water and soft lean mass with their balance (upper/ lower and left/right body), Weight, Total percentage body fat, BMI, Extracellular fluid rate (segmental Edema), muscle mass, Intracellular fluid (ICF), Extracellular fluid (ECF), Protein, Mineral, Total body, water, Muscle (soft lean mass), Fat free mass (FFM) : all with their evolution over the last 10 tests along with comparison to normal values and interpretation. Subcutaneous, visceral and abdominal fat areas and balance and their evolution over the last 10 tests with graphical CT-scan-like images. Fat compartments in the body in kg and % (Hypodermic, Musculoskeletal and abdominal), Muscle composition (ICF and ECF and protein), FFM, composition in kg and % (ICF, ECF, mineral and protein) with comparison to normal values. Waste-to-hip ratio and index (WHR, WHI) with evolution over the last 10 tests. Health/fitness index, Body type and BMI interpretation (obese, muscular, normal, etc.). Ideal /target values and control of weight, fat, soft and lean masses.

    Nutrition and physical activity outputs (Utility)

    • A complete nutrition and physical activity software: BMR, total energy and physical activity expenditures, prescription of individualized physical activity program (exercise menu: type, intensity, duration, weekly frequency, etc.), repartition of macronutrients and calorie levels for each meal. Unlimited insertion of food, food categories, composition and relation to diseases and use in prescribed diets for patients. Prescription of individualized diets (food menu) for weight control, beauty weight, etc.
    • NUMED developed an exclusive database containing a wide variety of food exchanges and inserted it to the software.
    • Food and exercise database can be easily customized and edited.

    System Settings

    • Adjustable lower and upper values for TBW, ECF, fat, proteins, minerals, WHR and WHI and BMI for gender and 8 age ranges. Insertion of user data and logo on reports. Database to excel converter. Unlimited patient entries.
    • Comes with Arm and Leg Electrodes, Power and USB-to-serial cables.

       NUMED has the exclusive WORLDWIDE distributorship for the Arabic version of the software. View a sample of the report in Arabic and in English.

    South Korea
    24 Months

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